Saturday, February 21, 2015

waco weekend

A couple of weekends ago, my mother & I met in Waco for a mini girl's trip. We chose Waco for a couple of reasons; it is a halfway point between Shreveport and San Antonio -- and it is home to Chip and Joanna Gaines! We're slightly obsessed with HGTV's Fixer Upper and thought this would be the perfect meeting place to catch up and check out the town (aka stalk out JoJo and the gang).

First on the list was the Joanna's shop...where it all started for her back in 2003.

Magnolia Market is a beautifully curated tiny shop covered in greenery and filled with the loveliest vintage and farmhouse finds.

We couldn't leave without snagging a few of Joanna's signature linen-scented candles and souvenir t-shirts (and I'm so not a souvenir shirt girl...)

We spent the rest of our weekend playing detective and finding all of the Fixer Upper's. It was harder than you would expect -- and being the internet sleuth that I am, I was surprised that I could only locate three (in addition to the Gaines' Magnolia Farm and Clint Harp's Design Co.. oh and, the silos that the Gaines' purchased in downtown Waco, Chip's Magnolia Villas neighborhood development, and the coffee shop that one couple on Season Two owned..)

Clint's house

Common Ground couple's house

and the house that was purchased for 10k!!!!

Also noteworthy are THOSE BLUE SKIES!!! It was such a fun mother/daughter weekend -- and we had a great time exploring such a neat little town. 

Waco (and Joanna), we will be back!!